Our current customers

NoName of CompanylogoApplicable standardlogologoProductsMarket
1Phongsaly Green Tea Factorythalemork_teaEU Organic Standard & Fair for Life7011168_origfairTeaChina, Germany, Laos
2Somnuek LaoThang Tea Factoryphayasy_teaEU Organic Standard & Fair for Life7011168_origfairTeaChina, Germany, Laos
3Meung Tea Producer Cooperativemeung_teaEU organic Standard7011168_origTeaLaos, France
4SD Forest Import-Exportsd_forestEU organic Standard7011168_origBenzoinEurope
5Thaxang Organic CooperativeThachangLaos Organic Agriculture Standardlaos_organicOrganic Vegetable and Organic FertilizerLaos
6Anoulak FarmanoulackLaos Organic Agriculture Standardlaos_organicFruits & VegetablesLaos
7I Love AgricultureilaLaos Organic Agriculture Standardlaos_organicOrganic Fertilizers & Soil mediaLaos
8ThongMangOrganic CooperativethongmangLaos Organic Agriculture Standardlaos_organicFruits & VegetablesLaos
9Kopchai CoffeekhopchaiLaos Organic Agriculture Standardlaos_organicCoffeeLaos
10SaoNa FarmsaonaLaos Good Agriculture Practice thWater melon & vegetablesLaos
11LAK 40 Coffeelak40Laos Organic Agriculture Standardlaos_organicCoffeeLaos
12AgroTech FarmagroLaos Good Agriculture Practice thVegetableLaos
13PhongKeo Organic GroupLaos Organic Agriculture Standardlaos_organicVegetablesLaos

Working experiences

  1. Working Lao Farmer Products Company for Conducting pre-assessment for organic rice group in Sangthong and Tea Paksong for export
  2. Working with Farmer association of KhangVieng (FAK) for Capacity Building for Improving Product Quality of Organic Rice
  3. Working with Landel Mill Company in UK for Developed organic rice standard and its field practical guideline
    for Capacity Building for the Efficient Utilization of Biomass for Bioenergy & Food Security in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) (TA7833), under support of ADB,
  4. Working with Mekong Institute (MI) for manual development of internal control system (ICS) for good agriculture practices for farmer groups.
  5. Working with Biotrade Project of Helvetas as project partner for providing consulting of two organic tea factories in Phongsaly for export.
  6. Working with Mekong Tea Project on EU organic standard capacity building for tea cooperatives in meung district bokeo province
  7. Working with Asean Agritrade project for organic standard and gap standard
  8. Working with BAF project for organic and gap standard and certification