“Professional consultancy for standard and certification”

LOCA Consultancy Service Sole Co., Ltd is a service provider for standard and certification. The company was established with purpose of supporting local farmers and producers who are seeking consultancy for local and international certification.  In supporting public policy, the government recently transformed its policy direction from “public service provider” to “supervision agency”-this means that the public sector will mainly oversee the control of entities through law & regulation, meanwhile the service, extension and technical consultancy will be transferred under the supports of private service provider. Currently, the private service provider in the country regarding the standard & certification is limited, Farmers & Operators face difficulties in seeking the reliable & on- time technical support in terms of standard & certification, mostly farmers & Operators rely on technical service/extension from public sector, however, they are facing constraints due to staff & budget limitations which are resulted substantial delay in delivery the service. To reflect the country scenario, The company established in 2019 by the professional team with experience in the sector over 10 years. LOCA was established to be alternative option and supporting actor for agri-business operators in Laos and we promise that we will be always there to support you.

Our vision
Leading Professional One-Stop Consultancy Service for standards and certification in Laos.

Our mission
Providing consultancy and instructions for farmers and agri-business operators in Laos to compliance with required locally and internationally standards and certifications.

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LOCA Consultancy Service Sole Co., Ltd
Veunkham Village, Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
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