Organic tea from 400 year old plants from Phongsaly province Phongsaly is surrounded by tea plantations and its green tea is well-known for its highest quality and superb taste, but especially famous is the tea from the 400-year-old plantation. The famous 400-year-old tea plantation is located about 18 kilometers away in the village of Ban Komaen, Phongsaly province which according to some tea experts it is the oldest tea plantation in the world. In harvest season, you will see Phunoy people climb up to pick the precious leaves tea on the 400 year old trees, higher than 6 meters and then process this rare tea in cigar-shaped tubes. The 400 years old tea plantation is naturally grown and it never touches chemical and fertilizers, it is totally organic. Health benefits: Drinking a daily cup keeps the body in good health, lower blood pressure, reduces fat, enhance appetite and refreshing of your daily life.

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